Registering and Managing


In principle, it is possible to imitate any product – even identically – as long as it is not protected by a property right. Registering and managing ideas, brand names and technical inventions to obtain industrial property rights is highly recommended. Each property right has its own scope of protection, requirements and examination procedures and requires specific management.

A technical invention can be protected by a patent or utility model. The design of a product can be protected by a design right, while the product name can be protected by a trade mark right. Depending on the objective, other industrial property rights must be applied for.

We prepare the property right applications and handle all communication with the relevant offices during the application and examination process. By registering intellectual property rights, you guarantee the protection of your intellectual property rights and minimise the risk of unauthorised imitations.

We take over the property rights in our professional administration and minimise your costs and efforts in registering and managing your portfolio of intellectual property rights.