Enforcing IP Rights in Infringement Cases

If a competitor imitates a product or infringes an IP right, we enforce the IP rights in Infringement Cases. The aim may be to reach an out-of-court settlement and we support our clients in seeking these solutions. However, if the fronts harden and no agreement can be reached, we take legal action, whether in the case of patent infringement actions, trade mark or design infringement actions.

In such cases a warning letter can be the first step. If no agreement is reached, we can initiate injunctions or legal proceedings before the infringement courts. In doing so, we resolutely assert our clients’ interests and endeavour to find an economically viable solution.

Our aim is to find effective solutions and protect our clients’ intellectual property. With our experience and expertise, we support our clients on the way to enforcing their rights, whether at trade fairs, out of court or in court.