Copyright law is an essential component of intellectual property and protects the rights of authors, artists and designers against unauthorised use of their works. At our law firm, we offer comprehensive advice on all copyright issues and help our clients to understand and defend their rights. It is not uncommon for copyrights to be supplemented by other types of intellectual property rights.

Our experienced team supports you in enforcing your copyrights and assists you in disputes and legal disputes. We help you to recognise copyright infringements and respond appropriately, whether through warning letters, injunctions or court proceedings.

An important aspect of copyright law is the drafting of licence agreements. Licence agreements allow authors to use their works under certain conditions while protecting their rights. The attorneys of our firm draft customised licence agreements. We help you negotiate the terms of the agreement and ensure that your interests are adequately represented.

Hentrich also stands by your side to ensure that you can protect and profit from your creative works while respecting the rights of others.