Our services at a glance

Our services: A comprehensive IP Strategy from the beginning of an idea up to the registered property right

We accompany your project from the very beginning in order to develop a customised IP strategy for you. In the development phase, we evaluate the state of the art or solutions from competitors in order to create a customised IP strategy that will last in the long term.

Forward-looking planning is essential during the development phase of a product. We support you in evaluating the market success of your idea and identifying potential IP challenges at an early stage.

It is advisable to keep your invention or idea secret during the development phase so as not to jeopardise your own property rights. We help you to draft confidentiality agreements and develop an IP strategy that is based on the current state of the art and gives you a competitive advantage.

Our team will support you throughout the entire product life cycle to ensure that your intellectual property rights are protected and defended.